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What’s Making Milwaukee famous

The weather was nice.  And yes, the Brewers are good.

Unfortunately, the Cardinal bats weren’t as hot as the sun the burned me a bit today.  The guys have been through a lot and the strain shows even in batting practice.  If the cliche "going through the motion" ever fit a situation, this week in Milwaukee was just motion. Tony shouldered the blame by saying he didn’t have the team ready to play. 

Tomorrow, Josh’s funeral, will be grueling for them. Follow that with the upcoming Houston series-it’s a big one.  Perhaps the Post Dispatch could take the edge off by having the beat writers and sports reporters provide us with a little match up insight as opposed to the **** they’ve printed this week. 


The St Louis Post Dispatch muck

The fourth estate is an essential part of maintaining integrity in our political system, capitalist economy and our open society.  But the mainstay of journalism is unbiased, factual reporting. 

Days before Mr. Hancock’s most unfortunate demise, a reporter for the Post Dispatch published a whack at the Cubs, providing fuel for the rivalry fire and great locker room material for the North Siders.  Tony La Russa expressed his opinion on the piece by refusing questions from PD reporters during media sessions, asking for respect be shown to a class organization, like the Cubs.  He reiterated that the newspaper and the Cardinal Organization are 2 seperate enities, and the Red Birds had nothing to do with the article. PD reporters have the right to ask follow up questions – but Tony certainly has the right to ignore you – if you persist, expect repercussions, although that’s what you bottom feeders are looking for anyway. We layman know you are out to **** somebody off to get your next story, it’s the PD MO of investigative reporting.

But, unfortunately the poem is no longer an issue, God rest your soul Josh Hancock.  His last outing was masterful, and I personally send out my thoughts and prayers to his family at this most difficult time.  Please understand, Mr. and Mrs. Hancock that the St Louis Post Dispatch is not representative of the Cardinal Nation.

WIthout toxology reports or official statements – the PD pages are full of "witness accounts" of a drunk Josh Hancock behind the wheel and other "near fatal" accidents prior to last Saturday night’s collision. None of today’s articles contain police statements or offical reports to back up the writers’ claims.  The St Louis Post Dispatch has become nothing more than a Page 6 (NY Post) rag when it comes to the death of Josh Hancock. I wish I had a fungo bat too, Tony. 

In this most troubling time, as a family puts a son to rest, as friends struggle with the truth that their friend is lost to them forever, comfort is hard to find.  Hurtful words recorded during hurtful times cause gaping wounds that circumvent the healing process. Therefore, this petty rheotoric of smug reporting should be treated as a mosquito on the back of your neck. Slapped down.  I firmly believe that the St Louis Cardinals locker room should be closed to Bernie and his muck rakers.

Civil Rights Game

I am thankful to MLB for the glimpse of the Civic Rights Museum.  Iappreciate the discussions of the Negro League and the long overdue celebration
of the talent and humanity of the great Buck O’Neill. The main emphasis of the
evening wasn’t the game but the fact that a meager 8.5% of major league players
are African American. As more children opt to participate in other sports, MLB
has a marketing plan in place to woo them back to baseball, especially African
American youths. Now, back in the day, my friends and I played pick up games
all summer, each day, everyday.  And when we were short players, we used
"invisible man" base runners. MLB, I have a great marketing
idea…recruit more players to address your "invisible man" situation
– an African American owner.

Remember Donald Watkins?

What is really missing from professional baseball?  The exodus of
superior athletes turning over quick coin in the NBA and NFL? Or is a true
equitable relationship lacking? A relationship not only between players and
owners, but also that of perspective owners.  The culture of baseball is
an interesting meld of team play and camaraderie. It is unfortunate that the
culture of MLB management is that of good old boy back room politics, as in the
case of the Mr. Watkins.  The lip service of an annual Civil Rights Game
cannot change that image. 

Want to attract an alienated youth?  Embrace the culture and history of the game, not the MLB franchise, and relinquish the hold on opportunity. Welcome diversity.

PS. Bud – don’t be an idiot –  BE THERE for Barry, his fans and for the
good of the game.